About RA Sofa Clean

RA Sofa Clean (Rosie Adkins Sofa Clean) has begun as a small family business with few cleaning teams. But our dreams began from the very beginning. Once we felt the confidence of being one of the most used and preferred sofa cleaning company in London we have made a promise to never stop growing and progressing. As a result of these, today we are an experienced cleaning company with some of the best sofa cleaners, who have the necessary education and preparation to meet even the most pretentious client`s demands and requirements. Also RA Sofa Clean tends to never stop growing and progressing, which is why we follow the latest trends from the cleaning industry. We have adopted the best cleaning principles, standards and new approaches, modern techniques, innovative devices and machinery, revolutionary detergents and products to make the customers happier and even more satisfied with our assistance.

"Our policy is to rely on the customer`s feedback, which is why 95% of the new customers we receive come to us due to recommendations. Skipping the cheap marketing and advertising approach, we prefer to work hard and to offer you the most satisfying cleaning results ever." 
RA Sofa Clean

About Our Clients

yelp directory official business pageWhat makes our sofa cleaning company in London is also the delicate and safe sanitising approach we have. It is our mission to save your healthy living or office space. And we would never apply any harmful product or cleaning method. We appreciate the newest eco-friendly approaches in the cleaning industry and we believe customer`s safety should be always the biggest value to take care of. By researching the market all the time, we can gather the most effective organic and natural sofa cleaning tools and products. Thanks to them you don't only get your furniture bright, refreshed, hygienic and nice-smelling again, but you also remain confident and secure that your family, kids and pets are safe.

Our Story

Started as a small family business and now a big and popular sofa cleaning company, our team, though, is still devoted to the family, itself, and to the family values. We know how hard and difficult it is nowadays to manage the domestic housekeeping job, which is why we provide you affordable and accessible cleaning assistance. With our help, you can use your free time in a more interesting or entertaining way, spend more leisure and happy moments with your family members. RA Sofa Clean ensures you to handle your sofas and upholstery in the best way! Expect nothing, but ideal cleanliness, finest aroma and no sign of those stains and dirt that used to bother you. Rely on us and have your sofa, mattress and upholstery as clean as a whistle and at a budget-friendly price! We are available for your calls and online reservations non-stop! Get your offer from RA Sofa Clean now!

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