Horseferry Road SW1 Expert Upholstery & Sofa Cleaning Services

Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning Services Horseferry Road SW1 RA Sofa CleanRA Sofa Clean is a trustworthy and recognized upholstery and sofa cleaning company with an excellent machines and trained workforce for the job! We know how to offer you expert Horseferry Road SW1 upholstery cleaning services to both offices and homes. And we offer them at reasonable prices and with all of these advantages:

  • Available to operate after-hours
  • Spot removal is incorporated in the service
  • No covered fees, budget-friendly rates
  • Flexible booking slots, easy re-scheduling

Call our polite and kind customer support representatives now. Ask for more details about our careful and extensive sofa and upholstery cleaning procedure. Make an request for free right now! Just apply this number 020 3746 5234 at any convenient for you time! We will be delighted to organise our hassle-free service as soon as possible for you.

Home & Office Sofa Hovering and Deodorising Horseferry Road SW1

We are pleased to present you our client-oriented and experienced upholstery and sofa cleaning company Horseferry Road SW1. RA Sofa Clean has been on the market for more than ten years. During this time we have managed to acquire the most efficient cleaning tactics. With time, we also managed to invest in modern and luxury equipment for deep and thorough sofa and upholstery cleaning method that demands nothing from a client to provide us. We deliver everything and we ensure you excellent final result.

Expert Steam or Dry Upholstery Cleaning Horseferry Road SW1

Whether you want frequent support in your office or home upholstery maintenance, or you have just lately created some stains you can’t remove, we can assist you with a suitable method. Our work is concentrated on the personal approach to each customer, but we always provide perfect end result. We tend to give individual attitude and we never leave a place with unfinished job. The thorough and hard-working Horseferry Road SW1 sofa and upholstery cleaners start with a primary inspection of the furniture. This helps them figure out the most suitable for your individual case cleaning solution.

Home & Office Upholstery Stain Treatment Horseferry Road SW1

We are famous for being bold enough to face any upholstery or sofa stain. We have a special formula for any spot: including grass, blood, red wine, mud, ink, urine, sweat, coffee, tea. We accept any sofa or upholstery type: chairs, divans, seats and dining chairs and many more. Our two main methods for quick and secured Horseferry Road SW1 sofa and upholstery cleaning methods come in a combo with decent vacuuming, quick-dry system application (if required), Scotchgard protector (only upon request) and stain pre-treatment:

  • We use the hot water extraction on all synthetic sofas. A tiny nozzle sprays hot water under high pressure onto the upholstery. The treated spot is simultaneously vacuumed. After that we'll extract about 95% of the moisture and with that all of the dirt will come out.
  • Dry cleaning is especially designed method for cleaning upholstery and sofas that are very delicate or not water resistant, shrink, therefore powder and spray-like products are used. Dry Cleaning is used more for refreshing the fabric, but does not clean any stains.
  • Dry foam cleaning is a formula for leather furniture. We mix it with a specially tailored rejuvenating process to make the genuine leather shiny, with normal pH level glowing and restored.

Pro Leather or Suede Sofa Cleaning Horseferry Road SW1

Generally, we send to your property a team of two sofa and upholstery cleaners. If you order a procedure for more pieces of furniture or they are very dirty and wasted, the team might be joined by one more cleaner. In all cases, our comprehensive upholstery and sofa cleaning service is performed by big professionals:

  • The sofa and upholstery cleaners are insured and vetted
  • All of them are licensed to practice in the professional cleaning industry
  • Most of them have rich expertise of at least 5 years

The cleaners bring everything necessary and you do not have to buy us any detergents or tools. We use only harmful and organic products. The cleaners give you a free tip on sofa and upholstery maintenance per visitation.

Choose RA Sofa Clean and Get Special Price!

Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning Services Horseferry Road SW1 RA Sofa CleanWhy don’t you just drop with the useless efforts to deal with the sofa stains on your own! Better get in touch with our premium Horseferry Road SW1 upholstery and sofa cleaning company today. Use this number 020 3746 5234 for direct reservations right now!

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